All About Me

 Hi, I'm Michelle.
Paige is my middle name.

This is my family.
(Way back in 2011!)

After teaching school for 15 years,
this is my 5th year I can call myself a stay-at-home mom! 
I loved teaching,

but my own kids started needing me more and more! 
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to schedule and feed and clothe and get the kids to after-school activities and sports when you're supposed to be in meetings at school?
It wasn't working well... actually it wasn't working at all... so, I'm now at home. (I didn't completely stop all teaching... I still teach Sunday School and lead a Women's Bible Study and I volunteer at my kid's school.)  What a blessing being at home has been! 
Thankfully my AH (awesome husband--I love calling him that, because it's true!) can provide for our family without me working.  We are blessed to have 2 kids.  Jessica, age 15 (our blessing from God--who we adopted at birth) and Jacob, age 14 (our surprise, miracle boy who was supposed to be a stillborn).  By the grace of God and support of our family and friends, we survived 4 miscarriages, 3 failed adoptions and one high-risk pregnancy to have our children.  I could probably write and fill up a completely different blog on living through that pain...but how much fun would that be?

Instead, I started blogging about the things I love...creative
crafting, party planning, gift giving, trips and much more!  Who knew how much fun blogging could be?

I've met many wonderful blogging friends along the way.
I'd love to meet you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Drop me a line.
                                                                              ---Michelle Paige